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Embodied Compassion  - Yoga and the Vagus Nerve






This summer, we are focusing our workshops on the Vagus Nerve, releasing stress and cultivating compassion.


We live in a world where we are always switched on and many people are suffering from burn-out.


Working with the Vagus Nerve is a key way to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, creating balance and conscious healing. Higher vagal tone is linked to physical and psychological wellbeing. The vagus nerve is a bundle of nerves starting at the top of the spinal cord. It runs through many organs throughout the body (including the heart, lungs, liver and digestive organs). People with high vagal tone have improved immunity, cell regeneration and deal with stressful situations in a more conscious way. They are even more in-tune with their gut instincts.


Primarily, we are interested in how improving our vagal tone can help us deal with stress and anxiety, generating more compassion for ourselves.


In this workshop, we will activate the Vagus Nerve through asana, breathwork, meditation, hands-on integration techniques and yoga nidra – essentially creating body awareness and deep relaxation. The core practices of yoga -  pranayama and mantra are essential for toning the vagus nerve and the surrounding cranial nerves. Our asana practice becomes more effective at combatting stress when we are more mindful in our movement and tune into our inner dynamics - interoception.


This workshop topic also gives us the space to delve into the philosophy of compassion, so our aim is to look at compassion from a biological drive and a philosophical perspective.  






Embodied Compassion Workshops


Introductory Workshop

Cagliari - Sardinia - Himalaya Yoga Shala

July 7th

(translated into Italian)


Weekend Immersion

Cork - Ireland - Himalaya Yoga Valley

July 28 & 29th


Weekend Immersion

London - TreeHouse Yoga Southfields

September 8&9th

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"The seat of compassion is biological and is necessary for survival." His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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What we will share:


Physiology of the Vagus Nerve

Anatomy of Stress and Trauma

Are we hardwired for compassion?


Introceptive Asana practice

Conscious Breathwork

Sound, Mantra and Vibration


Hands-on techniques for rebalancing the vagus nerve

Yoga Nidra





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