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Conscious bodywork is a conversation between therapist and client… And maybe more importantly the bodyworker starts a dialogue between the client and their own body – the need to start listening to our tensions, our holding patterns, our armouring – and the liberation we can feel in the physical and emotional body when we stand with awareness.

Assisted Cobra Stretch inspired by Iyengar Yoga

“The body is complex. Interconnected. Responsive. And it learns. The image we often hold of our body as a fixed entity is very wrong. The body changes all its cells every few days. It constantly changes areas of itself- muscles and nerves- to growth in size and complexity according to demand and use. And the body is mostly invisible to us. It is under the skin. It has functions and senses that operate outside of our awareness.  We have just begun to discover the subtlety of its design. Beyond the skin, the entire human psyche is part of the entire universal electromagnetic field and it is nurtured by that frequency and that touch.” Yogi Bhajan

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Body reading and postural assessment are at the core of a Structural Awareness session - looking at the natural tendencies of the body (tilts, rotations etc) and then working with sorft tissue, myofascial release, assisted stretches  and breath awareness to realign and create new

conscious body patterns and improved posture, flexibility and core strength. Yogic and exercises akin to physio are  given to retrain the body.

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Assisted Side Twist

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True integration comes from savasana or during conscious relaxation at the end of a bodywork session. In that space, we can digest the impact of our practice and integrate this new awareness.  In relaxation as our para-sympathetic nervous system is triggered,  we can release muscular conditioning and habit.  We create a new way of being.


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