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SAT IMMERSION - January 13-26th 2019

This 100hr  Immersion will serve as a foundation for Structural Awareness Technique and give you an introduction to core techniques to  confidently perform a conscious 1 ½ hour massage session – learning a variety of massage techniques and assisted stretches. On completion you will receive certification. There will be further modules for you to focus on key areas, for example neck and shoulder issues, spinal or hip and pelvis problems.


You will learn:

Fascial Release Techniques

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

Postural Assessment

Spinal Body Reading

Assisted Yoga Stretches


Applied Anatomy

Emotional Anatomy

Healing and Integration

Breathwork Techniques

Yogic Anatomy (Subtle Energy)



We are happy to be hosting this 100hr Immersion at Himalaya Yoga Valley in Mandrem, North Goa. Course/ accoummodation package fees include 13 nights accommmodation, breakfast and lunch. Accommodation is based on two people sharing, although a single person supplement is possible if you want your own room. Conscious foods for breakfast and lunch, there is even an organic garden... but you can enjoy Mandrem beach for supper with its numerous restaurant options.








The course will have a framework of Kundalini Yoga and meditative practices to help us understand the emotional anatomy, body armouring, brainwave states, yoga nidra, pranic energy and the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system.  It will help us to develop a deep understanding of our own physical and emotional blocks and the potential to create the space for our own inner healing. 


Yoga and Subtle Energy

100hr Massage and Yoga Immersion




£1,100 - Tuition + Accommodation 13 nights/14 Days (Breakfast ad Lunch included)


£750 - Tuition (Breakfast and Lunch included)


Enquire about Tuition and Accommodation packages - shared/single accomodation available at beautiful villas at Himalaya Yoga Valley. Single supplement applies.


 email [email protected] for booking enquiries    

In yoga, we get a sense of our full mind-body-spirit dynamic. How our posture is affected by mood and emotion; how our breath is impacted by both posture and injury as well as tension and mental activity; how our awareness is heightened through standing tall and breathing deep. We are not just hip bone connected to thigh bone, but breath connected to energy, muscle tension connected to emotion and a straight spine connected to one-pointed focus. Through yoga, meditation and awareness we see our habits, body-armouring, compensations and belief systems. And the beautiful invitation of yoga is that we have the power to change all of it through self-awareness.